Exhibiting Artist

Leona Jurincie

April 6-May 21, 2017
Reception: Friday, May 5, 6:30-8pm

Several years ago I was working on an entry piece for Grand Rapids Art Prize (which made it in) and another oil painting.  Both paintings were red and sitting on easels while I worked on one or the other.  Susan Anderson came into the studio space (my best friend) and insisted that I need to do an all red series, she loved the way the red looked.  Her idea was “Think of walking into the atrium at the CVPA and you see nothing but RED!  How fantastic!  

Of coarse I said NO!  Red sucks to paint in, it’s very transparent, takes up to 12 or more layers to get the colors I want. Next day, Susan showed me several photos of our vacations we took with red in them, no is still the answer.  

With sadness Susan passed away.  Her daughter Becky and I packing up the house, came across the photos.  Becky shows them to me and points out how Susan and I argued over the red series and said I had to do it. Nope, I said.  I bought a house and while unpacking a box I came across the photos (Thank you Becky for putting them in there).  

2 1/2 years later “Red She Said” is done.  I studied the Master to see how they did their red oils and behold………..


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