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By Pat Cook

Directed by Jeff Casey

April 5-8, 2018
Thursday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 2pm
Tickets $10

Presented through special arrangement with Eldridge publishing Company

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Lead Show Sponsor

Politics can be murder! It's election night and all the friends and supporters of mayoral candidate Matthew Kensington are throwing him a surprise birthday/campaign party. But there's one surprise no one suspects. An aide is found stabbed in the back with the birthday cake knife! Clues and suspects abound in this frenetic political satire that leaves the audience wondering just who they CAN trust.

Cast (in order of appearance)                 

Character                                Actor     

Joan Sedgewick                        Anna Kirsch
Monroe Lafferty                       Logan Hoskins
Dolores MacDonald                Vanessa Merola
Millie Kensington                     Lilly Musgraves
Billy Jack Hopkins                    Adam Mohrs
Estelle Murchinson                 Jianna Harrison
Macauley Tarleton                  Joshua Bossette
Eileen Lafferty                         Karah Sikora
Commissioner  Doggerty       Christian Moore
Matt Kensington                     Connor Khoury
Kathleen Donovan                 Ariana Kanaya

Assistant Director                   Aidan McGuire