The concept behind Towle Youth Theater Ensemble (TYTE) is to offer membership / participation into the Ensemble, not necessarily a role in each show presented. From all of the talent selected to be in TYTE, we will cast the show and from there, technical, administrative, marketing duties, etc. will be assigned as appropriate. The overall goal is to build a team of theater artists and leaders, not just "stars". It is the goal of this new venture to engage a variety of young people into the overall process of creating theater, not just wanting to be in a particular show. The Towle staff believes that this process will bring more value to the participants, to their creative process and ultimately to the productions. Auditions will be held twice per year about 3 months before each production, where new Ensemble members will be accepted to replace those that have opted or aged out of the program. The Towle will be looking to utilize the students with the most talent, drive, dedication and commitment to the Ensemble as a whole.

The Ensemble will produce/present 2 shows per year - 1 musical in the fall and 1 non-musical in the spring.

TYTE membership for ages 12-18 (grades 6-12). 


Towle youth theater ensemble MEMBERS

Aidan Boyle
Dori Clousing
Aramis Cordova
Rachel Davids
Jamie DeJoan
Sydney Delisle
Derek Diehl
Tenley Edvardsen
Noel Fary
Sky Feminella
Marta Frank
Luke Fugger
Michael Fugger
Destiny Hedrick
Zach Kettell
Connor Khoury
Gavin Khoury
Anna Kirsch

Jimmy Kirsch
Paige Lichnerowicz
Jackson Lopez
Mikey McDunn
Aidan McGuire
Vanessa Merola
Adam Mohrs
Elias Moreno
Lilly Musgraves
Jane Potter
Emma Powell
Alyssa Sangueza
Karah Sikora
Ella Snyder
Jack Sullivan
Ava Tomky
Gwyn Wragg
Nora Wragg

Made possible in part by a grant from the Legacy Foundation