Pickle Chiffon Pie - a musical
Sponsored by TCU

Pickle Chiffon Pie Promo Video.

A Towle Theater original adaptation from the Roger Bradfield children's book by the same name. Adapted for the stage by Shelley J Crosby and Jeff Casey with original music by Evan Rea. 

There's a beautiful Princess, a King and a Queen, several handsome princes and of course plenty of Pickle Chiffon Pie, but this isn't your typical fairy-tale. There's no villain, no fighting and no bloodshed! Through this fun interactive musical, students grow to understand the importance of kindness and love and consideration for others, which is THE MOST WONDERFUL THING OF ALL!

"Columbia school has a 92% poverty rate and most of our student do not get to experience live theater. It was this much more meaningful that the Towle Theater brought live theater to our school. Pickle Chiffon Pie was an amazing age appropriate production that really entertained our students. They were all engaged and thrilled to be an audience for such a wonderful production. Columbia school thanks the Towle for bringing live theater to our kids." Anthony Salinas, Principal - Columbia Elementary School

"I want to tell you that I loved Pickle Chiffon Pie. I teach kindergarten and I'm always looking for positive, fun experiences for my little ones. Pickle Chiffon Pie kept my children interested and excited. It had just the right mixture of visual wonder and musical delight. It was great for all ages, but I really appreciate a production that appeals to small children. Thanks again for the thoroughly enjoying time!"
Melissa Rhodes, Kindergarten Teacher - Lafayette Elementary School

"I was really impressed with your production of Pickle Chiffon Pie. It was very entertaining and the students were interested and attentive!!! Everyone enjoyed the performance. I give it 5 stars."
Heidi Moore, Kindergarten Teacher - Kenwood Elementary School

Robot Mike - a play
Sponsored by Hammond Machine works

Adapted for the stage by Shelley J Crosby and Jeff Casey
Based on a story by David Lee Csicsko and Bob Kopach

Sometimes being a little guy is hard - especially when everyone around you is so tall. Robot Mike tells the story that everyone, no matter what size they are have value and purpose. You can accomplish anything regardless if you are small, medium or very tall.