AGES 9-12

7/18 from 1PM-4PM
Intro to Puppetry with Devin Asperger

Devin will be using his experience and love of puppetry to introduce young people ages 9-12 to building and animating their own puppets. Using common household materials students will get to build and take home their own new puppet! This workshop goes great in tandem with the Styles of Puppetry workshop offered on 7/24.

7/19 from 9AM-12PM
Improv with Martin Downs

Date and time of this workshop are subject to change. This intro to improv workshop will be offered for ages 9-12 and introduce young people to the amazing art of improvisation! Martin has studied improv all over Chicago and is an amazing resource and incredibly fun to learn from. This is the perfect workshop for the little comedian in your life.

7/20 from 1PM-4PM
Big Tap with Colin Funk

This workshop will be an intro to tap for ages 9-12. No shoes or experience required! Students will learn the basics of tap and get to dance their little hearts out!

7/25 from 9AM-12PM
Clowning Around with David Gordezky

David Gordezky will teach this class on the fundamentals of the theatrical art of clowning in this exciting workshop. This class is open to young people ages 9-12. David has spent years studying Clowning with different teachers and is excited to share in the fun with the young people of Towle Theater!

7/27 from 1PM-4PM
Musical Theatre Movement with Colin Funk

Colin will be teaching students ages 9-12 the basic things you need to know about musical theater movement and dance to be prepared to be in musicals! This class will be great for beginners and aspiring actors of all experience levels.